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Behind The Tiny Vegan

Originally, I had gone vegetarian at the young age of 14 when I discovered the truth about slaughter practices and factory farming. When I met my husband, however, I went back to eating meat. In the process of doing so, I gained a lot of weight and had issues losing it. I tried different diets and all were a quick fix but the minute I came off of it, I'd gain it all back. Doing a college research paper on a plant-based diet is what changed everything for me. The health benefits intrigued me, so I decided to give it a go. Not only has my asthma improved, but I have also lost weight and my relationship with food is better than it ever has been! Following a plant-based diet has truly been a game-changer for me.

Being extremely open about my diet on social media has prompted a few people to inquire about recipes or tips on adding more vegetables to their diet. I also realized how many people are stuck in the same situation I was before going vegan, so I thought I'd start this blog to reach others.

The thing about a plant-based diet is it isn't as restrictive as you think it is. Sure, it cuts out major food groups but there are countless alternatives you can substitute for those missing items. In comparison to the Keto diet, for example, a plant-based diet is far more versatile and a lot less restrictive. Done right, a plant-based diet can be extremely healthy. I will post tips on going plant-based shortly



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