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Healthy eating and veganism

Many popular diets have insane restrictions on caloric intake or foods you can or can't eat. This can leave you fighting cravings and feeling like you're starving yourself.  Then, once these restrictions are lifted, you fall right back into the old eating habits you had before you began the diet. This is why these diets are notorious for causing yo-yo dieting...and that is the biggest issue with popular diets. They don't tackle the core issue, your relationship with food. This is one reason I endorse a plant-based diet so much. Not only has a plant-based diet helped me to lose weight but it has also significantly improved my relationship with food. My hope is this blog helps guide you to a better version of yourself, or at least encourages you to! This blog will contain tips for healthy eating, going vegan, and recipes that are vegan. It's important to note that these recipes can also easily be tweaked to be vegetarian as well! Feel free to come along on this journey!

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Beetroot Salad

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